A Review of Analytical Methods for Bitumens and Heavy Oils
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SIS Identifier: 8024
Title: A Review of Analytical Methods for Bitumens and Heavy Oils
Publication Date: Jan 01, 1988
Number of Pages: 206
Keywords: Asphaltene; Sulfur; API Gravity; Nitrogen; Distillation; Sampling; Pour Point; Oxygen; Nickel; Viscosity; Carbon Residue; Density; Ash; Vanadium; Total Acid Number; Carbon and Hydrogen; Average Molecular Weight; Flash Point; Softening Point
Abstract: This book is AOSTRA's technical publication series number 5, the 5th in a series of special publications by industry and academic authors designed to make available, research results, analytical procedures, and engineering data on the properties and behavior of Alberta petroleum resources. This book attempts to explain variations in the data from cooperative studies on the analysis of bitumens and heavy oils by reviewing the open literature and unpublished data provided by many companies. (excerpt). 278 references.
Document Type: Publication; AOSTRA/AERI Publication

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Wallace, Dean

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