Characterization of Oil Sand Resources
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SIS Identifier: 8023
Title: Characterization of Oil Sand Resources
Publication Date: Apr 01, 1988
Number of Pages: 56
Keywords: Oil Sand; Comparison; Sample; Analytical Data
Abstract: In an attempt to identify some of the reasons for variations in analytical data and to resolve discrepancies, the Western Research Institute and the Alberta Research Council exchanged samples of oil sand from the Asphalt Ridge and Athabasca deposits. They were able to provide equivalent data for most properties, the exceptions being elemental carbon, carbon residue, relative density (15°C/15°C), and C 5-asphaltenes. A difference in methods for extracting test samples of bitumen was identified as being a potential contributor to differences in the bitumen properties. In subsequent studies at the Alberta Research Council, failure to correct for entrained solids and residual solvent, which was related to sample preparation, was confirmed to be a major source of discrepancy between the two laboratories' data. In addition, the level of asphaltenes was significantly affected by prolonged exposure to heat and selective adsorption on cellulose thimbles in the extraction apparatus. A final exchange of bitumen samples prepared at the Alberta Research Council indicated that discrepancies changed with the capabilities of the laboratories. It appears that the systematic errors that contribute to these discrepancies can only be controlled or at least minimized through the use of secondary standards.
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Wallace, D , Starr, J , Dorrence, S M , Thomas, K P

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