Seismic Imaging of In Situ Bitumen Reservoirs and the Properties of Porous Media
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SIS Identifier: 31258
Title: Seismic Imaging of In Situ Bitumen Reservoirs and the Properties of Porous Media
Publication Date: Jan 01, 1999
Number of Pages: 869
Keywords: Data; Bench Scale; Stratigraphy; Porous Medium; Alberta, Can; Mannville Group; Mathematical Model; Canada; Measurement; Athabasca Deposit; Monitoring; Geology; Seismic Method; Exploration; Clearwater Formation; Physical Property; Energy Resources; X-Ray Computed Tomography; Production Rate; Steam Injection; Bibliography; Bitumen; Steam Stimulation; Cold Lake Deposit; Migration; Crude Oil; Research; Review
Abstract: This publication summarizes the research on seismic imaging of in situ bitumen deposits. The objective of the research was to obtain enhanced and higher resolution images of the subsurface earth in the vicinity of steam injection sites with the use of surface seismic reflection 3-dimensional data. The applied research was carried out in a major collaborative project with industrial partners, and was set up to explore both the experimental and the theoretical aspects of the physical properties of elastic and porous media in which remote sensing using seismic waves and the theory of seismology can contribute. 648 references.
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Univ Alberta, Can
Kanasewich, E R

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