Alberta & Saskatchewan Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Projects
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SIS Identifier: 29693
Title: Alberta & Saskatchewan Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Projects
Publication Date: Nov 01, 1998
Number of Pages: 36
Keywords: Project; SAGD; Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage
Abstract: This 1998 survey provides detailed coverage of active or recently suspended Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) projects located in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Each SAGD project listed contains the following information: a detailed reservoir description, a detailed field facilities description, a well pattern, project-specific description of process employed, historical documentation of the engineering events associated with the project, and description of important adjustments made to improve the process performance.
Document Type: AOSTRA/AERI Publication

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Alberta Department of Energy
Keen, C E , Stasiuk, N F , Little, L

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