Syncrude Analytical Methods Manual for Bitumen Upgrading
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SIS Identifier: 29613
Title: Syncrude Analytical Methods Manual for Bitumen Upgrading
Publication Date: Jan 01, 1991
Number of Pages: 189
Keywords: Elemental Analysis; Distillation; Hydrocarbon; Bitumen; Hydrocracking; Catalyst Characterization
Abstract: This publication covers analytical sequences used in evaluating upgrading processing of the recovered bitumen. Each method described has been revised and brought up-to-date by the analytical chemists at Syncrude Canada Research in Edmonton, Alberta. This book can be used as an analytical laboratory manual in universities and technical schools for laboratory courses in petroleum chemistry. To this end, an introductory chapter on the chemical nature of Alberta bitumens is included - a field in which important research is being done on the vast range of chemical compounds in the bitumen, and on how these chemical structures can be used to trace the specific biological origins of this complex natural mixture. References included in individual chapters.
Document Type: Publication; AOSTRA/AERI Publication

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Syncrude Research , Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority
Liu, J K , Gunning, H E

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