Oil Sands Composition and Behaviour Research
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SIS Identifier: 22192
Title: Oil Sands Composition and Behaviour Research
Publication Date: Jan 01, 1987
Number of Pages: 592
Keywords: Oil; Sand Reduction; Gas; Flotation; Microstructure; Composition; Water; Oil Sands; Additives; Minerals; Solvent Dilution; Interfacial; Separations Summary
Abstract: The composition and components of the oil sands, performance in separation processes, and mechanisms of behaviour are described in the three main sections of this report. These studies carried out in 1957 to 1965, present an overview of the problems of separation with some solutions for more efficient oil recoveries, especially from lower grades of mined oil sands. A perception of the nature of oil sands and of its behaviour in separation was achieved from these studies that forms a basis on which more efficient operation and process control can be devised, as well as more effective processes can be developed. The specific conclusions contained within the individual sections are considered to be valid only within the context of the conditions and types of tar sands studied. Further investigations are needed to verify the validity of some of the more specific findings with a wider variety of tar sands, and in larger scale operations.
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Bichard, J A

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