AOSTRA Mini-Frac Manual
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SIS Identifier: 10735
Title: AOSTRA Mini-Frac Manual
Publication Date: May 01, 1992
Number of Pages: 96
Keywords: Injection Rate; Minifrac; In situ; Tar Sands; Breakdown Pressure; Closure Stress; Horner Plot; Horizontal Stress; ISIP; Leak Off; Pore Pressure; Reopening Pressure; Poissons Ratio
Abstract: This manual compiles various aspects of mini-frac testing and in-situ stress measurement techniques for easy accessibility by the users. The objectives of this manual are to: (a) describe the state of the art of mini-frac tests; (b) emphasize their importance; (c) discuss possible differences of the tests in porous and non-porous formations; (d) recommend procedures for field testing, analysis, and interpretation; (e) indicate the limitations of the technique; and (f) compare mini-frac tests with the other in-situ stress measurement techniques.
Document Type: Publication; AOSTRA/AERI Publication

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Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority
Hannan, S S , Nzekwu, B I

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